Picking the Best Frying Pan for a Glass Top Stove

Samus has her power armor, and Link the Master sword.

Captain America his shield, and The Batman his batsuit, and utility belt, and cave, and computer, and car, and money and… Just everything.

The Bride, Beatrix Kiddo wielded her Hatori Hanzo Katana with an equal but opposite grace and fury as the lightsaber of the most famous dark lord of the Sith. Vader.

Since the dawn of storytelling, great heroes and legendary figures were often as such because of the signature tool that in-part defined them.

Here now is the opportunity to add one of your own to your kitchen kit, and become the chef of legend.

Behind every great cook, hangs their favorite frying pan. Unless of course it’s in front of them…frying up a hearty meal!

Don’t just buy any old pan for your new glass top stove. In this article, we’ll help you figure out the perfect frying pan for you.

First, let us give you some tips before you make a purchase. Or if you want to take the guesswork out, you can check out our top-rated recommendation below the tip section.

Before You Buy

You may be wondering “why do I need to buy a new pan at all?” A glass top stove is a delicate surface. It does not mix kindly with old, dented, or warped kitchenware. Even if your beloved frying pan, that’s been around since the very first breakfast you ever cooked your spouse, still heated food just fine on your old range top—it won’t fare well on this new cooktop.

You need a pan with a nice, flat bottom. It needs to make full contact with the stove.

“Okay, so frying pan with a flat bottom is all I need to be good to go?”

Not so fast.

You also want to take a look at the material of the pan.

The most highly recommended materials for a glass top stove are stainless steel (more affordable) or titanium (can be pretty pricey).

Not as highly recommended, but will still work on your glass top, are lined copper, aluminum, and carbon steel. All three vary in price range but are reasonably affordable.

Some people recommend steering clear of cast iron skillets on glass top stoves, but we have another opinion here.

“So am I ready to go shopping yet?”

We like your enthusiasm, but let’s give you one last item to take into consideration.

Size matters. Not all glass top stoves have the exact same circle sizes. It’s suggested that the pan you use should never exceed 1-inch over the active burner.

Flat bottom, material, size. Armed with this knowledge, you should feel confident in your frying pan picking abilities!

“I feel ready, thanks! Any suggestions though?”

We’re so glad you asked.

Legendary Cookware – DaTerra Cucina Ceramic Natural Non-stick Pan

More satisfying (and healthier!) than all of those weapons we discussed in the intro, the DaTerra Cucina Ceramic Natural Non-stick Pan is for making friends and family feel whole (As opposed to blasting baddies to bits).

So consider this an old sprite’s warning, that it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

Few legendary tools are mass-produced from subpar materials, to be found just lying about. So it makes sense that the DaTerra Cucina pan is instead crafted by artisans in the volcanic hills of Italy, and of Vesuvio ceramics.

Its design stands on the shoulders of Italian mothers, with perfectly sloped edges allowing you to take that ceramic nonstick for flip after delightful flip. The kind of catch and release one can’t help but find deeply gratifying.

The intersection of old world knowledge and modern manufacturing truly sets this pan apart from others. Ceramics perform better, clean easier, last longer, heat more evenly, AND contains none of the health banes of some nonstick cookware. Specifically harmful chemicals like Teflon, PTFE, cadmium, and lead.

More Perks for this Pan

  • Do you cook for a lot of people? Then this pan will be a true wrist saver for you. Its heat dispersing comfort grip and a total weight of only 2 pounds make whipping up a mountain of crepes as easy as pie. Which isn’t to suggest pie is all that easy. Crepes are like really thin little pancakes. It would take a minute to make a mountain. The point is the pan is so light that you could actually try that if you wanted. And if you do, please call me. I love them li’l pancakes.
  • Engineered with a flat bottom to function on all cooktops—including induction—and to heat quickly up to 450 degrees.
  • All of their 11-inch pans come with an airtight silicone lid. If that’s the sort of thing you need to know. I know I’m almost always using the wrong lid, so having one that actually fits my frying pan would remove a lot of anxiety from my life.
  • Natural Nonstick coating. Easy cleanup, no mess, no fuss. Can’t beat that.

1 Fast Tip to Preserve the Longevity of Your Pan

Thoroughly clean your new frying pan (outside too!) before your first fry. Clean it and the glass top stove between every use to keep them both scratch and/or grease free.

Final Words

This one-piece does-it-all überpan has you covered in the event of cooking for space pirates or breakfast with Bruce. This frying pan will be your glass top stove’s best friend (right after you, of course).

Keep your troops marching on their stomachs without it treading on your piece of mind. The only thing that makes this Pan of Ages easier to add to your arsenal? It comes with a money-back 365-day guarantee.

Please don’t just take our word for it though—try it out. Make dozens of meals with it. Fry eggs and bacon in the morning, tortillas for a Mexican-inspired lunch at noon, fish and vegetables in the evening for dinner. By the time you’re done your only complaint will be that you want a matching set.

Need any other cookware for your glass top stove? Check out more recommendations and reviews here.

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