Best Skillet for Glass Top Stove – Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick Skillet

Armed with a good skillet in hand, one feels like they could do almost anything.

And why not? This original multi-tool can sear, sauté, braise, fry, and even bake.

One’s imagination is the limit with how far a good frying pan will take you.

Skillets have been in our arsenal since ancient Mesopotamia—at least—and like all other tools and skills, humanity has only gotten better and better at them.

Compared to the pans of thousands of years ago, today’s modern utensil heats faster and more evenly. Additionally, they weigh less, won’t leach known toxic chemical compounds into your food, and are available to anyone.

The skillet that wins the title of best in show from us? From the queen of 30-minute meals herself, the Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick Skillet stands, both at the forefront and on the shoulders of giants.

Ready to learn more about why this skillet belongs on your glass top stove? Please, read on! In this article, we’ll attempt to answer every question you could possibly have about the best skillet for your glass top stove.

What Sets This Hard-Anodized Nonstick Skillet Apart?

At fourteen inches across, this behemoth skillet makes mighty and hearty meals immediately at your disposal.

But both mighty and hearty often means weighty. Over a glass/ceramic top stove, a heavy drop can inconvenience your family meal preparation indefinitely.

The Rachael Ray skillet has an opposing side handle, and once you’ve handled a pan with two handles, you’ll never look back!

Both grips are stainless steel covered in comfortable and tactility-satisfying silicone and riveted to the hard anodized aluminum body. This assures that you can make the biggest heaps of sustenance possible, without straining your wrists, or risking your baby… I mean your glass top stove. (I’m not obsessed with food, you are.)

What’s the Deal with “Hard-Anodized”?

Hard anodized refers to the process your cookware (usually aluminum) undergoes in order to make it more durable and non-reactive to acidic foods. Aluminum is a less expensive metal making it the obvious choice for anodizing.

If you’re interested in the process, first they immerse the aluminum in a chemical bath. Then they apply an electrical current to it. The end result is a metal that’s resistant to corrosion. Pretty neat, right?

The aforementioned hard anodized aluminum body is engineered and purpose-built to heat quickly, and distribute evenly over the entire cooking surface. Giving at-home gourmands gratifyingly results every time.

PFOA, lead, and cadmium free, the nonstick surface requires no real upkeep aside from regular cleaning, and on that front, these lovelies are both dishwasher and oven (up to 400F) safe.

Meaning you can feed your loved ones heaps of health, and spend less time scrubbing. Which I’ve always appreciated; from both sides of the pan.

Skillet Tips & Trips

Any cookware worth investing in is worth taking care of properly. Here are a few things to note about a hard-anodized skillet.

  • You can use any utensil on a hard-anodized skillet without worrying about damaging it. Bamboo, wood, plastic, metal, silicone, etc.
  • This skillet is not suitable for an induction glass top stove.
  • Your hard-anodized skillet is twice as strong as stainless steel, so take caution when storing it. You can stack other hard anodized cookware on top of it, but avoid putting it on top/inside of cookware made with other materials.
  • As we mentioned earlier, set the skillet down on your glass top stove with care. And don’t slide it in case your glass top stove has debris that could catch and scratch.
  • While the hard-anodized skillet is smooth, sticking may still occur. Something to keep in mind when you’re choosing what pan to cook certain foods with (liquids or movable foods work best for this surface). If you need to scrub your pan, remember never to use harsh cleaning products or steel wool.

We recommend frying up big, fluffy omelets in your hard anodized skillet!

Note: This skillet does not come with its own fitted lid. But at a relatively standard size of 14-inches, you should be able to find one sold separately to fit. If you even need a lid!

Final Words

Espresso interior finish and cranberry grips make this a warm stylistic addition to anyone’s kitchen aesthetic (grips also available in agave blue and pumpkin orange!). Making the always upcoming holiday season all the more joyful to cook for.

So give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. A nigh endless supply of well-cooked food. Almost the literal definition of true love. Or give the chef of your choice the hard-anodized skillet as a gift, it’s thoughtful and affordable. Also, it comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

And hey, maybe they’ll be so thankful that they’ll cook a few 30-minute skillet meals for you!

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