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Every little piece. Every little piece.

You’ll never lack the least in preparation for a feast

Risotto or braised lamb shanks,

Every dish lauded with thanks.

Gastronomic delicacies

In every culinary motif.

It’s not every day that cookware makes you break out in spontaneous song, but with Circulon premier professional 13-piece hard anodized cookware set, it could be.

A baker’s dozen beautifully bronzed and hard-anodized pots and pans with purpose-built, shatter-resistant covers. Not sure what hard-anodized means? Never fear, we’ll answer that for you below!

Sauté portobello steaks, whip up a lemony bearnaise, pan sear duck breast medallions, all at the same time and still maintain an arsenal of cookware in reserve.

And look stunning doing it. One of the great joys of humanity is obviously food and rightfully so. I mean, have you tried it? If not, I definitely recommend it.

Arguably a step down from there, but still always worth consideration, are aesthetics. It’s one of this reviewer’s favorite features of glass/ceramic/induction top stoves. The flat, nigh featureless surface allows any at-home chef to easily express themselves through, in, and with their decor.

Because an average at-home cook will spend 225 hours a year cooking. That’s almost 10 hours less than the national average for annual time spent commuting to and from work.

So it makes sense to make the space you spend so much time in, doing something so important as fueling yourself and your loved ones, a space you deeply love.

Now let’s look at the facts of why you should choose the Circulon Premier Professional cookware set for all your glass top stove cooking needs!

What Comes in the 13-Piece Cookware Set by Circulon?

Of course, you need to know that! Check it out:

  • One 8-quart stockpot with lid
  • One 5-quart saute pan with a handle helper and its own lid
  • One 3-quart straining saucepan with lid
  • One 2-quart straining saucepan with lid
  • One 1-quart straining saucepan with lid
  • One 12-inch french skillet
  • One 10-inch french skillet
  • One 8.5-inch french skillet

Note: All included lids are tempered glass, shatter-resistant, and have comfort-grip handles (no more searching for hot pads to check on a dish!).

You can either buy new utensils to use with your new cookware set or use what you already have, even metal, with the understanding that softer materials are recommended (e.g. plastic, bamboo, other woods, or even silicone).

Why People Choose Hard Anodized

If you’re new to cookware shopping or glass top stoves, you may not be familiar with this term. You’ve likely heard of stainless steel. And the infamous Teflon. And trusty cast iron.

To become hard anodized, aluminum undergoes an electrolytic process. The aluminum is bathed in chemicals then subjected to an electric current. Producing a layer of oxide that hardens on the aluminum—making it more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Science. What a wild ride!

Benefits of Hard Anodized Cookware

  • Its smooth surface resists sticking
  • You can use any kind of utensil on a hard-anodized pot or pan without worrying about scratching it or releasing toxins into your food. Can’t say that about nonstick cookware sets now, can you?
  • It’s durable—twice as strong as stainless steel.

Any Disadvantages?

Not disadvantages so much as a few words of caution. Don’t stack your hard anodized cookware on top of (or inside) cookware of other materials. While it resists sticking, hard anodized isn’t true “nonstick.” Don’t use steel wool to clean these pots and pans.


What Makes This 13-Piece Set Stand Out From Other Hard Anodized Cookware?

  1. As we previously mentioned—those rubberized handles though! If you’ve ever grabbed a hot lid handle to check your boiling water, you know what I’m talking about!)
  2. All the saucepans come with tapered rims for drip-free pouring and their lids make straining a breeze
  3. Good variety of pot and pan sizes
  4. Suitable for all glass top stoves including induction
  5. It’s a bit heavier than other cookware sets, meaning better contact with your glass top stove for even heat distribution
  6. Dishwasher safe but easy to clean by hand as well. Less time cleaning, more time enjoying life
  7. Uniquely beautiful chocolate-y brown exteriors
  8. Did we mention it’s oven safe for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit?

It’s pretty clear we’re on team hard anodized!

Final Words


The Circulon Premier Professional set fits perfectly with any kitchen design. From spartan minimalism in warm earthy hues to Art Deco-inspired futurism and everything in between.

Yet when you purchase for aesthetics, you often sacrifice something in functionality.

Often, but that is not the case with this set.

These pots and pans perform at the peak of modern cookware engineering while looking like raw sepia-toned elegance snatched from the pages of yesteryear. Bridging that gap with classic grace that any fan of fine taste can appreciate and deserves.

I mean, if you spend hundreds of hours a year with these tools, they should work well and bring you pleasure.

After all, one can’t be expected to prepare masterpiece feasts on busted, dented, warped, and otherwise worn out cookware.

Heck, that can even be dangerous with some older nonstick models. To say nothing of how warped and uneven surfaces might gouge or mar your new glass top stove.

One never has to worry about any of that with this set. Circulon’s TOTAL FOOD RELEASE SYSTEM features a PFOA-free finish over raised release circles, and the DuPont textured autograph. These combine to produce a semi-hydrophobic space between the dish and the pan, allowing for easy pouring, turning, flipping.

Combined with quick even heat distribution, this set is one trick away from doing all the cooking for you.

All while saving you a lot of elbow grease in the cleanup. This cookware is both dishwasher and oven safe, so never hesitate to try out a new recipe or bold idea.

With Circulon on your side, the only thing you can hurt is your pride.

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